SET A2: 14 ขวด

1,985.00 ฿

คละทุกสูตร ถ้าดื่มคนเดียว แนะนำ ให้ดื่มวันละ 2 ขวด , 500ml ก่อนอาหารมื้อเช้า และสามารถดื่มแทนมื้อเย็นได้ค่ะ


รหัสสินค้า: Set A2 หมวดหมู่:


Set A2:

There are five different types of smoothies, and a total of 26 bottles, each containing 500ml.

Here are the recipes and the vegetables used in them are watercress, ginger, gourd, sweet gourd, krasang leaves, carrot leaves, mustard greens, kale, swiss chard, dill, and mint.

Additionally, some fruits such as banana blossoms, olives, Taling Pling, wet tamarind, young tamarind, mangoes, bananas, limes, and Bengal Currant have also been used in the juice.

✅Our blended vegetable juice is made using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables sourced from our farm.

✅We use a vacuum blender to retain more of the nutritional value compared to regular blending methods.

✅Each bottle is freshly prepared upon order, so there’s no old stock.

✅Our emphasis is on using cold organic vegetables for maximum nutrition.

✅Our smoothies are made from the whole vegetable and fruit, and come in a bottle size of 500 ml. They can be consumed in place of meals.

✅Suitable for those who want to detox, lose weight, and improve bowel movements.

Available in small, medium, and large sets: A1, A2, A3, A4.


ขนาด 12.4 × 43.4 × 21.36 เซนติเมตร